Summary of Postage Separation/Classes of Mail

Charges are billed monthly through the on-line system around mid-month. Please use the mail service forms for all domestic and international mail. Please keep international mail separate from domestic mail.

Description of mail classes as outlined on monthly billing statement:

  • Class 1: Full postage (non-presorted mail) that weighs over 14 ounces, postcards, International packages over pounds, and special services such as ‘Certified’, ‘Return Receipt’, ‘Express Mail’, and ‘Global Mail’.  Priority Mail is listed separately.
  • Class 2: One and two ounce letters with presort rates applied (#10 envelopes)
  • Class 3: “Flat” mail – pieces that weigh 3-13 ounces with presort rates applied
  • Class 4: Media Mail – can only be used for mailing books, DVDs, or CDs
  • Class 6: Ground Services (Federal Express or UPS for most packages over 5 lbs) – Insurance available
  • Class 7: First Class International Airmail (4-8 days)

Global Priority through the USPS is a 3-4 non-trackable service to certain foreign markets. Other options are available for heavier mailings.

Standard Non-Profit Mail (formerly Bulk/Third class)

If you have a mailing of 200 or more pieces or 50 pounds with each piece weighing less than 1 pound each, you may qualify for a significant discount by mailing at the Non-Profit bulk rate. Peggy Smith is available to discuss this option with you and to coordinate its preparation.

Should you mail Non Profit? View this video to find out:

Nonprofit mailings are sent to a local mail fulfillment service to provide various types of services including:

  • folding, inserting, sealing
  • address verification
  • merge/purge lists
  • ink jet delivery and/or return addresses direct on mailing piece
  • apply non profit permit/indicia, apply non profit stamp, or meter
  • print/copy services
  • tab self mailers
  • provide envelopes to complete mailing
  • and much more