Learn about additional services provided by the Mail Service Center. Prices on each service are subject to change based on US Postal postage increases. For the most up-to-date postage prices, please visit: USPS Postage Calculator.

New Postage rates effective as of Sunday, January 21, 2018 are reflected below.

Overnight Services

  • Mail services can pick up your overnight domestic packages with your preprinted forms.
  • Each package will be weighed and delivered to a drop box or pick-up location.
  • Please complete the specific form of the service you desire, with your own account number if you have one. If not, we can send by Federal Express or USPS Express Mail and charge back for the service fee.
  • We can provide Federal Express, UPS, DHL and Express Mail forms and supplies.

Ground Services with Tracking Capability

  • Mail services can provide ground services to you, including next-day air and second-day air services.
  • Please indicate the desired service on the mail service form.
  • Also, indicate on the form the dollar amount if insurance is required.

Priority Mail

  • Various Flat rate Priority Mail envelopes and boxes are available. Please visit Priority Mail for the most current rates and ‘free’ supplies.
  • You pay for postage at the time of mailing.
  • If you need Priority Mail Supplies, WU Mail Services has some supplies available. Please email lmbrady@wustl.edu.
  • If you want to track a Priority Mail item, please apply a USPS Label 400 and keep the Customer Service portion for your records and tracking purposes. If you do not intend to track, you do not need to add the Priority Stickers.
  • All Priority mail items that do not have a sticker have an electronically generated barcode tracking label applied, which is now required for all Priority mail that we meter. Mail Services cannot provide that barcode to our customers as our mail provider (Presort, Inc.) applies that barcode and creates a manifest for the USPS for all their customers with Priority mail.

Certified Mail

  • Provides you with a receipt at the time of mailing and a record of delivery.
  • Certified mail is a good choice when you want to prove that you mailed something and that it was received.
  • Items travel as first class mail.

Return Service Requested

  • Must use with certified or registered mail. Service provides a signed receipt that is mailed to the sender with the signature and date of delivery.

Registered Mail

  • A highly secure form of delivery that is documented at each step of the way.
  • Registered mail is best for sending documents or items that have an intrinsic value, where security is important.
  • Mail takes approximately one day longer than certified mail to arrive as it has to be accounted for at each step along the way.
  • This mail is kept under lock and key during its journey.
  • For rates,  please call Lauriette Brady at 935-7948 or email at lmbrady@wustl.edu.
  • Forms must be completed and attached to the mail. Please note on the Certified Mail white portion of the receipt, the name and box number if you want it returned to you in campus mail with the USPS official round stamp.

If you wish to send by Parcel Select, Media Mail, Bound Printed Matter or Library Mail, please note this on the package and/or the Mail Services ticket, or write directly on the package. See new rates below.