Below is a succession of frequently asked questions about Fisher Scientific’s competitive services and continued support, as well as other FAQs and contact information.

Q: Who are my Fisher Scientific Resources?
A: Fisher Scientific provides multiple layers of support to Washington University.

  • Dedicated Customer Service Representative: A fully-trained Fisher Scientific Customer Service Representative dedicated to WashU only. This individual can assist in order placement, shipment coordination, and tracking, special delivery requests (such as desktop delivery or white glove service), returns and exchanges, expediting back-ordered items, and finding alternate products.
  • Sales Representatives: Your local sales representatives can assist you with all of your buying needs and choices. As Account Managers, these individuals can help customers find and sample products, make technical suggestions, and coordinate demos and consultative visits with product specialists and vendor sales reps. The Sales Representatives are also responsible for assisting with quote requests, order placement and fulfillment, and coordinating with the On-site CSR to ensure smooth and timely product delivery.
  • Technical Sales Specialists: Fisher Scientific product/category-specific specialists add an extra level of consultation and expertise to your specific needs. These individuals work closely with the Sales Representatives and are experts in their specific fields of science.

Q: What if I have an issue I need to escalate beyond my primary Fisher contacts?
  Please contact Angela Lochmann in Resource Management. Angela is actively managing the Fisher relationship on behalf of WashU, including any escalated issues and continuous improvement opportunities.

Angela Lochmann, Senior Contracts Manager Liaison, Resource Management, 314-935-5621,

Q: Who should I contact when I have issues with Marketplace or entering an order?
A: Please start by contacting WashU’s Systems Helpdesk at 314-935-5707.

Q: What is WashU’s Fisher Scientific “Prime” supplier relationship?
 Fisher Scientific won the Washington University Lab Supply Contract in the fall of 2014 by offering the best value supplier partnership. Fisher continues to be WashU’s first stop for lab supplies and equipment, offering value-add incentives, aggressive category discounting, and consistent pricing to the entire University. The expectation is that if an exact match product (same brand and item) is provided by Fisher, then Fisher is the distributor. New Lab Start-Ups and Encompass exceptions apply as noted below. The brand and product selection is always the choice of the researcher.

Q:  What is Fisher’s role in New Lab Start-Up opportunities?
 Fisher offers promotional discounts on new lab start-ups and should be included in these opportunities; however, new lab start-ups can still be competitively bid and awarded.

Q:  What is the “Encompass” program?
Items hosted in Fisher’s catalog that are marked with the “Encompass” or “Encompass Preferred” logo are non-distribution products offered as a convenience to the researcher. The WashU purchaser is not required to purchase items that carry the Encompass and/or Encompass Preferred logo via Fisher Scientific. You are free to shop these items to determine the best value for your needs.

  • “Encompass Preferred” leverages Fisher’s negotiated discounts, offering a 5-10% off list pricing. Shipping & handling will apply.
  • “Encompass” items are offered at list plus mark-up.  These items are offered as a solution for one-off purchases and/or suppliers that are not yet established with WashU. Shipping & handling will apply.

Q: How do I know my Fisher pricing is competitive?
 WashU’s consolidated spending with Fisher drives aggregate savings for the University. Fisher Scientific and WashU Purchasing Services annually assess our “hot list” of our high volume items to deliver the most value to you, the end-user.  Additionally, aggressive catalog discounts are applied to the larger portfolio. The lab supply industry continues to be dynamic and market-driven. 

Should you feel pricing on a particular item or purchase is not competitive, please contact Angela Lochmann, Senior Contracts Manager Liaison, Resource Managemen, 314-935-5621 or Angela will work with the Fisher Scientific contacts to provide a solution that supports our research community.

Q:  What WashU direct contracts are distributed via Fisher Scientific?
  Purchasing Services negotiates direct discounts and contracts with several of our larger manufacturers including R&D Systems, BD Biosciences, Microflex®, Corning®, Promega, and Greiner Bio-One. These orders are placed via Fisher for order processing and free shipping.

Q: When is free shipping applicable and when do shipping costs apply?
 For standard, non-rush orders, Fisher provides free freight with waived ice and hazmat charges. Please consider free shipping when assessing an all-in price. Shipping fees do apply for expedited shipments and Encompass™ orders. As part of the Encompass™ program, Life Technologies/Thermo Fisher orders where the product is labeled with the Encompass™ logo, there is a flat $49.95 fee.

Q:  How can I use my quote in the punch-out catalog?
  All pricing in Fisher’s punch-out is already provided at a discount. Additional quotations may be provided for a new lab start-up opportunity, a significantly larger order, or specialized equipment. If the Customer Account number in the Sales Quotation box ends in -001, your order can be completed through the Fisher punch-out. When you are in the punch-out, hover over “Ordering” then click on “Quotes”. Search for or enter your quote number. When you “View Details” it will allow you to add quantities to your shopping cart. If the Customer Account on your quote ends in any suffix other than -001, it will need to be entered as a Non-Catalog order.

Q:  How can I ensure my special requirements are reviewed and executed?
  Fisher can frequently accommodate special requests such as lot requests, deduct & holds special delivery requirements, and installations via a non-catalog order. Please note that any special notes entered into a punch-out catalog order cannot be viewed by the supplier. If you have a special request, notify your Fisher Sales Representative and/or WashU’s dedicated Customer Service Representative prior to a non-catalog order entry.

Q: How quickly should my order arrive?
Fisher Scientific has several warehouses located throughout the US. Washington University’s default warehouse is located in Hanover Park, IL, and there is a dedicated daily truck line that delivers products to the St. Louis area. Fisher Scientific strives to stock the most commonly and frequently purchased items for its customer base at each warehouse, ensuring that most items ordered by 2 pm local time will be delivered the following day. In situations where the product is not stored at the Hanover Park warehouse, Fisher Scientific can arrange for shipment from another warehouse or directly from the vendor. Typically, direct vendor shipment takes an additional 1-5 days.

Q: How can I track my order?
 If you are the shopper, you will receive an order confirmation PDF via email. This order confirmation includes a live link to check your current order status on If you have concerns with “Estimated Delivery” dates, please contact our On-site Customer Service Representative with your order number.

Q:  How can I place an order to a Thermo Fisher entity (not including Life Technologies)?
  Effective September 2016, Fisher Scientific is processing all orders for any Thermo Fisher division, except for the Life Technologies Marketplace catalog. To enter these orders, create a non-catalog order in Marketplace using the Fisher Scientific vendor record, and attach any Thermo Fisher quotes or documents to the requisition. These orders will route to our On-site Customer Service Representative, for order acceptance and routing to the proper division and address. This significantly decreases the number of vendor records required to maintain and eliminates the guesswork on which Thermo Fisher division to select when creating your purchase requisition.