Purchasing Services has developed contracts with a series of preferred suppliers that provide value to all departments in pricing and services.

NOTE:  Information about Preferred Supplier Agreements now resides in Marketplace. Once logged in to Marketplace, click on the Contracts Icon to conduct a search.

There are many ways to search for contract summaries: supplier name, product category, or keyword.

A Saved Search has been created for a Staff Discount query: click the Contracts Icon > View Saved Searches > Staff Discounts > Go.

If you want to search for a specific supplier or commodity for staff discounts, click on “Back to search’ and add your search term in the tab “keywords” box and hit ‘search’.

As you create shopping carts using a Preferred Supplier, a link appears below the price that indicates a Contract Summary is available to view if needed.

The new Preferred Supplier Index can easily be accessed here, in a downloadable Excel file.

Preferred Supplier Spreadsheet

It provides some basic information on preferred supplier agreements. Complete details are available in Marketplace.

Have a comment, concern, or compliment about a preferred supplier? Your input is appreciated and will serve to improve the Preferred Supplier Program. You may phone the appropriate contract manager/liaison that manages the agreement or you may submit your comment here via email.

Federally Debarred Suppliers

Subcontracting or purchase agreements have special limitations for suppliers that have been debarred, suspended, or proposed for debarment by the federal government. Learn more about the rules for agreements with federally debarred suppliers or to determine if a supplier has been debarred.