This page is dedicated to providing information on selected Resource Management procedures as well as other key information.

Purchase Order Information

Fax Orders

When you select a supplier that has a fax number on file, the stored fax number is automatically populated in your document, and the transmit field default is set to “F” (fax). The fax number in the vendor file is usually the most current. If you feel that the fax number is incorrect, please contact Resource Management, at 314-935-5649.

You do have the option to override this fax number on a Workday order should you need to send the order to a specific individual at a different number. However, please be certain of the fax number you enter as most fax failures are those that have been entered to override the number on file.

Should you have any backup that needs to go with the purchase order, be sure to set the “doc with” flag to “yes”, note the doc number on the backup, and fax it to Resource Management at 314-935-4395 as soon as possible.

When sending a purchase order by fax internationally, please type the fax number in the body of the purchase order rather than in the typical fax number field. The fax field can only hold a 10-digit number. International fax numbers are usually 12 digits to accommodate the county code. Be sure the FIS “transmit” field is set to “N”.

Also, Resource Management will attach information about our import broker to minimize problems with the order shipment clearing customs. Once prepared, the purchase order will be faxed manually.

Contact Rob Downey at 314-935-4298 with questions concerning International POs.

Screen Print POs

Do not screen print a PO and send it to the vendor as an original document. A screenprint of a PO is not an authorized purchase document. This may cause confusion at the supplier and may result in a duplicate shipment.

Should a supplier indicate that they have not received your original order, contact Resource Management at 314-935-5669 to send a formal “Duplicate Purchase Order.” The use of this process protects the university should the supplier actually make a duplicate shipment.

Xerox Blanket Purchase Orders

All Xerox blanket purchase orders must have the serial number in the body of the order. The serial number can be found on the card attached to the Xerox machine. Xerox is requiring that purchase orders be worded as follows:



If you should have any questions please contact Rob Downey in Resource Management at 314-935-4298.

Check with Purchase Order

In certain situations, suppliers will not accept purchase orders or will require a deposit or pre-payment prior to shipment of goods or performance of services.

There are two policies to review to determine the proper method to use:

A “Check with PO” should only be used when a payment or a down payment must be made in advance in order for products or services to be provided.

Do not use “Check with PO” to pay an outstanding invoice. If products/services have already been received, and the PO is after the fact, place an order online as a “telephone order” (TO). Once the PO number is assigned, record the PO number on the invoice and submit it to Accounts Payable for normal processing. Please note that Telephone Orders do not print, so a hard copy will not be sent to the vendor.

Creating Purchase Orders that require a deposit or have multiple payment periods (i.e. 20% deposit; 30% upon installation; balance upon acceptance) should be entered in a specific format to facilitate proper handling and disbursement by Accounts Payable. Contact your AP representative with questions.

Blanket Order Guidelines

The use of a blanket order is most appropriate under the following conditions:

  1. The monthly payment of services rendered such as:
    • copying services from a Xerox Copy center
    • monthly Cost-Per-Copy program
    • monthly coffee service
    • monthly bottled water service. The key element is that there is a known price associated with the service but an unknown monthly quantity. The Blanket Order should spell out the details of pricing.
  2. The coverage for minor purchases in categories such as:
    • fleet services (repairs, gasoline)
    • facilities (minor hardware supplies, tools, electrical/plumbing supplies)
    • printing services (business cards, letterhead, excluding Custom Forms)
  3. Maintenance/Service Agreements

Blanket orders re-issued for the new fiscal year must reference the previous blanket purchase order number.

Blanket orders are not to be used for suppliers competitive with Washington University Preferred Suppliers.

New Vendor Setup

Resource Management and Accounts Payable continue to screen the Supplier Vendor File for duplications and address discrepancies. Before entering new vendor information, please check both the active and inactive vendor files.

If you are trying just to pay an invoice, it is NOT necessary to set up a new vendor number or to change the order address just to accommodate a new payment address. You can use an existing order address and Accounting Services can add the additional “remit to” address to the vendor record.

You can create a purchase document in Marketplace without using an existing vendor number by choosing the New Supplier Request at the bottom of the Shop Page on Marketplace. Click here for instructions to add New Vendor to Marketplace.

When setting an individual as a vendor, remember to include their Social Security Number or Federal ID Number in the appropriate area. New vendor files will not be created without this information.

Purchasing Services should be contacted for name or ordering address changes in the vendor file. New vendor numbers will not be created for these types of changes. If you find the correct vendor name but the address appears incorrect, please contact Resource Management at 314-935-5669 or email

Other things to remember:

  1. Check the spelling of the vendor
  2. Do not include “The” in the title of the company
  3. Do not use any punctuation (i.e. hyphen, dash, period) in the supplier name. Should you need to direct a PO to a specific individual at the supplier, please enter their name in the description field of the PO.

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