The following information pertains to our preferred suppliers in the travel industry. This information will aid you in making reservations or in requesting certain vendors with your travel agents.

When using a travel agent make sure they have the Washington University profile in their system (this provides for our negotiated discounts).

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Southwest® is a preferred partner for Washington University in St. Louis. Beginning August 1, WashU Travelers can take advantage of negotiated rates from STL to ALL Southwest destinations when booking through SWABIZ for business and personal travel.

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Airport Parking

Flying out of STL? Save 20% on airport parking at The Parking Spot automatically for every trip.  Accessing our airport parking discount requires that you join The Parking Spot’s program for Washington University.

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Auto Rental

Learn more about available preferred vendors for auto rentals for business and personal travel.

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Learn more about available preferred vendors for booking hotels for travel.

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Travel Agencies

American Airlines has required that in order for Washington University to take advantage of their corporate discounts, we can only use selected travel agencies to handle reservations for us. The agencies are: