If your new employee has negotiated moving services into their contract, your office will need to follow the specific guidelines below to relocate their household:

Moving Services

Moving Services Guidelines

If a new employee has negotiated moving services into their contract, your office is encouraged to follow the specific guidelines below to relocate their household:

Guidelines for Household Relocations

  • Inform the new employees of contracted moving company options.

Washington University has three current preferred moving companies:

  • Cord Moving and Storage

Chuck Wright – chuck.wright@cordmoving.com (618) 235-5561

  • Daniel’s Moving and Storage

Jerry Ullman – jerry@danielsmoving.com (480) 584-1379

  • Dodge Moving and Storage

Tom Linhareswustl-moves@dodgemoving.com 314-566-0643 

It is encouraged to request an in-home survey / estimate from all three preferred companies.

  • Contact preferred moving company representative(s) with the following information:
  1. Name of new employee
  2. Address, city, state, and zip code
  3. Home, work, and cell phone numbers
  4. Department contact name and work phone number
  5. Approximate move date
  • The St. Louis preferred moving company representative(s) will assign their best rated agent located in the transferees’ origin area to arrange an in-home survey. Survey results will be sent to the St. Louis agent. The St. Louis agent will apply all contract discounts and send the estimate to the department contact.
  • It is of utmost importance to complete an in-home survey and declare any item(s) of high dollar value, such as antiques, rare collectible items, objects of art, rare documents, etc. Jewelry, collectable coins or currency should not be included in the move. 
  • The moving company should always offer the option for additional insurance for high value items at the time of the survey.
  • The Washington University (WU) department contact will then create a purchase order.
  • The employee should be present during packing and the day of the move. If the employee cannot be present, a designated representative (friend or relative over 18 years old) must be present (notify the mover in advance of the designated representative). Please do not schedule a flight on the day of the move.      
  • Once the move is complete, the moving company will send the invoice directly to the WU department. The department contact should compare the invoice against the estimate. If the invoice is within 10% of the estimate, the department contact should perform a receipt against the purchase order number and send the invoice to Accounts Payable, Box 1056.
  • If the final invoice is over 10% higher than the initial estimate, please inform Rob Downey in Resource Management at robdowney@wustl.edu or 314-935-4298. Purchasing will review the invoice and quote to determine the next step.

Tax Considerations

Under the new tax law (Tax Cuts and Jobs Act), if you receive reimbursement from Washington University for relocation expenses, this reimbursement must now be reported by the individual as taxable income.

In addition, you may no longer deduct job related moving expenses from your gross income.

You are encouraged to contact the Washington University Tax Department at taxdepartment@wustl.edu for any relocation tax questions and considerations.