Equipment Maintenance

Washington University has partnered with Specialty Underwriters to help reduce costs associated with your laboratory and scientific equipment maintenance costs. With this program, you continue to use the existing service providers on a time-and-materials basis. Specialty Underwriters guarantees your costs and helps you manage your equipment repairs.

An independent company that helps manage costs of equipment service. They do not manufacture, sell or service equipment. Rather, they provide unbiased comparisons of pricing, repairs and service issues when your equipment needs repair.
Assists departments in managing their equipment maintenance budget by converting to a time-and-materials basis as compared to a typical yearly service agreement. They will review existing service agreements and identify the cost savings opportunity.
The preferred supplier agreement provides a savings of 15-30% over previous spend.
Yes! You decide which vendor you want to service your equipment.
Yes! Preventive Maintenance services (PM’s) are critical to equipment uptime and long-term cost management. Specialty Underwriters recommends that PM’s be performed on a regular basis. They can assist you in setting up proper schedules for your equipment.
Usually, laboratory or scientific equipment valued at $10,000 or more is targeted. However, they will review your entire equipment list to help you determine what pieces should be included.
The help hotline at 1-800-558-9910 provides support before, during, and after a service call. They can also help with third-party alternatives for equipment service and parts.
Several departments are already enjoying the savings with this program, including Biochemistry, Anatomy, Neurobiology and Anesthesiology.
You may contact Purchasing Services, at 314-935-7052. Since every department is unique, your equipment list and existing service agreements will be reviewed to prepare an Equipment Quotation that will allow you to identify the savings opportunities.