In order to promote consistent quality representations of Washington University, all apparel (including uniforms) and novelty merchandise displaying university logos and trademarks must be purchased from a supplier licensed to produce such merchandise. In addition, all trademark use must be approved by the university’s licensing office.

Product Licensing for Apparel and University Novelty Merchandise

Resource Management will support the efforts of the licensing office by verifying that all novelty merchandise and clothing displaying university trademarks (such as the university’s name, logo, and symbols) are being ordered from a licensed supplier.


The University Licensing Office has an agreement with a licensing management company to represent the university’s interests with the use of its name and symbols. This program promotes consistent, high-quality representations of Washington University in St. Louis.

What is a Trademark?

All names and visual representations of Washington University in St. Louis are considered its trademarks. This includes all word marks, service marks, names, name variants, nicknames, logotypes, logos, insignia, seals, shields, designs, devices, or symbols that refer to Washington University in St. Louis. Also included are any words, phrases, or images that imply an association with the university.

How to Obtain Imprinted Merchandise

  1. Plan ahead. Identify a licensed vendor. Check the product licensing website for a list of licensed suppliers for Washington University trademark products.
  2. Work with your chosen supplier to draft a design proposal. For your convenience, the university offers ready-to-use graphics on the Public Affairs website.
  3. In order to obtain approval of trademarked name or symbol usage, direct your supplier to submit the design proposal to the product licensing office. Artwork is accepted via e-mail, fax, courier, or U.S. mail. Trademark approval is usually issued within 48 hours.

Contact Us

If you or any supplier that you deal with has questions concerning product licensing or approval of trademark usage, please do not hesitate to contact:

Product Licensing Office
Janelle Hizer
Assistant Director, Administration and University Relations

For more information, visit the Public Affairs website.