Employee Pick-Up of Ordered Goods

  1. Goods ordered and paid for by Washington University are to be delivered to an authorized university “ship to” address.
  2. Occasionally, there may be a need for university personnel to pick up ordered goods rather than wait for them to be delivered to the university. These occasions should be the exception to the rule. Examples of these exceptions include:
    • goods needed for emergency responses.
    • goods purchased from a re-seller who has no established delivery mechanism.
    • goods needed during a period when normal shipping activities have been affected by circumstances such as work stoppages or disasters.
  3. Departments that have a justified need to pick up ordered goods must have a departmental procedure to ensure the university is protected against possible fraudulent activity.
  4. Resource Management will assist in the development of these procedures as needed. They should minimally include the following:
    1. Department Supervisor/Manager must grant approval before an employee may pick up the ordered goods.
    2. Proper Washington University purchase order or check must be issued prior to pick-up. Note: A university procurement card may be used following departmental approval guidelines.
    3. The employee picking up the ordered goods may be required to produce identification and sign documents provided by the vendor signifying that the employee has picked up the goods.
    4. The employee picking up the ordered goods must take those goods to the appropriate destination at Washington University as soon as possible after pick-up.
    5. The employee will present a copy of the packing list to the departmental employee who handles the receiving function.