Resource Management – Coronavirus (COVID-19) 

Instructions to order masks and other PPE supplies for your area:

If needed, Danforth Campus Schools and CFU Departments can order isolation masks through Resource Management. Each School or Department should identify a single point of contact for ordering isolation masks. The number of masks that can be ordered will be limited to ensure a sufficient supply to meet medical and institutional needs during this time. A rule of thumb for the number of isolation masks to order, for those who need the masks (many people already have an adequate supply), is approximately five (5) masks per faculty, staff or student for an initial order. Please be efficient and do not over-order.

To order isolation masks through Resource Management:

  • Identify a central contact for your school/CFU department and use the following link to complete your order:
  • Complete the fields on the form and click “Submit Order”
  • For Cost Center No., use “000” for mask orders only

Please do not share this link broadly – identify a key contact and share information accordingly. The order will be processed by Resource Management. Allow two to three days for delivery. If you prefer, a pick-up can be scheduled by contacting Kris Smith,

  • When available, vendors offer alternatives to the product that may be on order. If that is the case, Resource Management is reaching out to the departments and clinics to see if the alternative product is acceptable.
  • Resource Management has created blanket orders with key suppliers to use as a tool to order products in a timely manner. When the product is received, Resource Management will coordinate product delivery to the requested department.

We are working through this challenge and are leveraging our supplier relationships to quickly obtain available merchandise, but in some cases, shipment timing is still undefined. We have a dedicated team managing your needs and we will continue to provide updates as we learn more. Please know we are committed to standing with you during this uncertain time and the Resource Management team is ready to help.