Who should submit the form?

Departments should submit this form if they are interested in working with a new IT vendor and/or software platform.

Why should the form be submitted?

It’s important this form is submitted so that procurement can collect all the pertinent information regarding said vendor/software platform and then evaluate the risks of the contract and determine if information security would be violated in any way.

When should the form be submitted?

This form should be submitted prior to entering into any contractual obligations with a new IT vendor or software platform.

What process/steps should the requestor expect?

This questionnaire is used to help evaluate and record information about new vendors as part of our third-party risk assessment process.
The form needs to be filled out as completely as possible, as the contacts listed for the vendor will be sent the Third Party Questionnaire.
Upon submission of the completed Third Party Questionnaire, we will process the review. If more information is needed before a final decision is made, we will reach out to the submitter at that time.