Unless cost-prohibitive, you should only be purchasing EPEAT computers when available and suitable for your product needs.

EPEAT, which stands for Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool, is an easy-to-use, online tool helping institutional purchasers select and compare computer desktops, laptops, and monitors based on their environmental attributes.

  • The life of electronic products is to be extended by repairing and refurbishing products that break. Purchasing electronics with replaceable and rechargeable options help improve their longevity and should be prioritized when making new purchases. For older products that can’t be repaired, they should continue being used for less intensive roles until no longer able to perform.
  • Computers and computer accessories may be donated if they are still functional, but security protocols must be followed to ensure data security (contact the Office of Sustainability for more information).
  • Electronics are to be recycled when no longer able to be repaired through R2, E-Stewards certified programs, or comparable recycling programs.
  • Products containing Mercury are prohibited unless there are no commercially available mercury-free products for a specific application.
    • If there are no mercury-free products, the supplier must offer products that contain the least amount of mercury necessary to meet performance requirements.
  • Printers must be compatible with double-side printing and work with specified PCRC content requirements for printing materials.
  • Shipping of electronics must be done in a way that minimizes disposable packaging while maximizing recyclable and reusable products
    • Styrofoam and other hard to recycle components are prohibited.
    • Reusable crates and pallets should be used over boxes when able
    • Cardboard used for packaging must be 25% minimum PCRC
  • Vendors should provide details about the recycled content, third-party sustainability certifications such as EPEAT, ENERGY STAR, and TCO, and other environmental attributes of products and services sold
  • Products must meet ENERGY STAR certification at minimum

Suppliers with EPEAT computer products: