The WU School of Medicine Operations & Facilities Management Department conducts quarterly Employee Recognition Awards and we are pleased to announce the Mail and Receiving Service team members were honored in November 2017 for their hard work and dedication to the Washington University community.

The first was a Team Award:  Over the last several months the Mail Service carriers, runners, and receiving staff have been through a significant amount of change. The team worked together to cross-train and create continuity and a smooth transition as staff learned new delivery routes and sorting schemes. The team has worked together to accept change and adapt quickly so that Mail Services can continue to offer a high level of customer service to the entire university.  And, as a result of the ongoing mail services consolidation efforts with recent changes to the billing and service structures, this team has contributed to university-wide cost savings as follows:

  • FY18 of $192,000
  • WUSM Departmental savings of $402,000 in two years
  • And 5-year WUSM departmental cost savings of nearly $1.8 million

The management team includes  Peggy Smith, Steve Smith, Laurie Brady, and JayC Westmoland.

Team players are: Robert Adams, Mark Andre, Wes Brooks, Chris Brown, Gary Brown, Dale Bruning, Elvin Chambers, Mike Cole, Billy Davis, Blandon Davidson, Kurt Deschler, Dwight Dunbar, Neal Harres, Jason Harris, Steve Hendel, Jalisa Hill, Jon Hollander, Roney Johnson, Lee Moore, Eddie Shelton, Keith Stumbaugh, Diana Walton, and Ron Wilkins.

Second Team Award for the services in WU Student Mail operations:  It took hard work, dedication, and a significant amount of additional work hours to manage the record number of packages during the Danforth move-in period for roughly 6,000 students returning to live on campus or in university-off campus apartments.  About 400 overtime hours were worked by the team in order to process all packages received the same day for distribution to students the following day.  An after-hours shift was established to manage the additional workflow and everyone on the team shared in working additional hours.  Some staff working 12-14 hour days. Over an 8-week period, a total of 39,000 student packages were received and distributed representing a 10% increase in packages over the same time last year.

Team Members are: Laurie Brady, Wes Brooks, Dale Bruning, DeWitt Campbell, Lawrence Chiteshe, Kurt Deschler, Rashaun Fenderson, Brandon Hall, Steve Hendel, Neal Harres, Lisa Kline, Lakeeta Pool, Kevin Simon, James Skaggs, Keith Stumbaugh, Jason Svejkosky, and Tammi Wilks, under the direction of Peggy Smith.

An Excellence Award was awarded to Steve Hendel.  Steve is the Faculty and Mail Services Lead for Danforth.  Steve won an Excellence award for his continued commitment to his team and for his support of the entire operation.  Steve always goes the extra mile and is always first to offer assistance to anyone who needs help with their workload.

Again, congratulations to the members of the WU Mail and Receiving Services Team for their dedication to our University customers and to the Operations & Facilities Management Department.