General appliances and equipment that require refrigerants:

  • Vendors shall provide equipment containing low global warming potential (GWP) substitutes approved under the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Significant New Alternative Policy (SNAP) program and permissible under state regulations.
  • Vendors shall provide products with a lower global warming potential to the maximum extent practicable where such products are cost-effective (using life cycle-climate performance (LCCP) and meet form, function, and utility requirements.
  • Vendors installing new refrigerators, freezers, or other appliances and removing old appliances shall certify that old products are properly recycled or disposed of.

Recycling can be done through the EPA Responsible Appliance Disposal partnership or through WashU EH&S department.

Ultra low-temperature freezer (ULTs) policy:

  • Per the High-Efficiency Ultra-Low Temperature (HE ULT) Freezer Policy, all new ULT freezer purchases must be high-efficiency models.
    • Prior to purchasing, explore options such as sharing ULT freezers. If unable to do so, ensure that the ULT freezer being purchased is an appropriate size.
  • ULTs more than 10 years old should be decommissioned as soon as possible and adequately recycled by the WashU EH&S Department. Do not repurpose within the lab or donate elsewhere.
  • Read the full policy here.

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