The Office of Sustainability is partnering with Mail Services to launch the Office Supply Exchange, a pilot program designed to facilitate the recirculation of useful office materials. The program serves as a centralized process for donating and receiving office supplies and is open to employees on all WashU campuses with access to internal mail circulation routes.

Items such as the following are examples are what may be found through the Exchange or donated:

  • binders
  • office paper
  • paper clips
  • memo pads & sticky notes
  • pens & pencils
  • staples and staplers
  • tape and tape dispensers
  • file folders (can be used but in good condition)
  • envelops (plain and intra-office)
  • mailing labels
  • rubber bands
  • push pins
  • unopened ink cartridges
  • desk organizers
  • small office lamps
  • keyboards
  • computer mice & speakers
  • power cords

For more information, please visit: